Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weeds Season Sucks!!!

Has anyone watched all of weeds up until this point or seen 
enough of the show to know that at one point in time it was a good show? I almost feel bad for you if you did, like myself. Weeds has just gotten completely pointless and humorless. It's bland, boring, and has no more story line. Does anyone else agree with me, or am I just overly critical because I think this season and every episode in it has gotten progressively worse and worse! IT FUCKING BLOWS!!!!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's hard to have a GAYTIME on your own!!!

Yeah, you need at least 2 other gentlemen, a goat, and a cheese grater.

+1 Australia

Silent Bob


(WESTBURY, N.Y.) — Police say a man carrying a hunting knife crept up behind an 8-year-old boy playing a video game in a New York restaurant and plunged a 4-inch blade into his back five times. The boy suffered a punctured lung in the assault just before 8:30 p.m. Friday in a Westbury shopping mall on Long Island.
He is expected to recover.
The attack happened at Dave and Buster's, a family friendly chain restaurant that includes an arcade.
Police say the boy's father and a witness grabbed the suspect as he walked toward a restroom and held him until officers arrived.
The 23-year-old suspect is set for arraignment Saturday on charges including attempted murder.
Nassau County Police detective Lt. Kevin Smith says the suspect appeared to have chosen his victim at random.

~Kick some ass Silent Bob, or should I say Lt. Silent Bob. Did you check him for weed?

Ninja Poetry


Two Ninjas were battling full-hearted
Their arms at their elbows were parted
They then made pegs
Of each other's legs
And that's when the fight really started.

Ninja Poem

Silence grips the quiet dark night
As I grab my sharpened blade
I am invisible in both dark and light
I kill in the shadows or shade
as I creep to the enemy's lair
Prepared to do the sin
I kill my victim without disturbing a hair
for I have awakened the ninja within

Roses are red, ninjas are black

Roses are red, violets are blue
You’ll be dead after I throw my shuriken at your jugular,
And you'll spew blood on the neighbors who are ninjas
And will kill your whole family before you hit the ground...
How’s that for ninja poetry

Saturday, October 9, 2010


This is sort of an update of my previous post.
I used the plural (or what I thought was the plural form of vagina) in my previous post a couple of times, and firefox believes that it is not a word and suggested "vaginae"

does anyone know if that is the plural form of vagina?


Burning Rubber and Not so flaming curry

I hate America's dependence on cars, but that's for a blog down the road. I hate my car, I hate that I have to pay so much money for a machine that just pisses me off so damn much. And I really hate when something that you pay so much for and put so much time into does not function properly, or at least the way you want it to.

For the past couple of weeks or so, I have noticed that my car has been wobbly and vibrating at any speed on my way to uni. I didn't really think to much of it. I was pissed, yeah, but not too worried. My first and only real guess from my friend was that my bearing might have blown. Well whatever, I'll deal for a bit. No, today as we were all driving to china town nyc, my car got more and more wobbly until it started making a flapping sound until my tire just completely shredded up. Thankfully, I have a full sized spare. I thought the spare was flat and destroyed, but it turns out it just had an unusual tumor from when I ran into a sewer drain with it a while back.

Well, to ruin the ending of my story, we made it to china town and back. HaZAAAH!!!! How long the tire will last before it explodes? Who knows. So after a bit of train jumping, due to it being a weekend path train schedule,  we got into Manhatten, met up with our other buddies, and finally got to the restaurant that has awesome cheap ass food. Shanghai kitchen off of Mott and waverly or something like that....either way, I'd recommend the FRIED TINY BUNS!!!! OMG!!!! They raised the price to about 4 wang chungs, but it still worth it. To top it off, the back of the menu is cheap ass dinners over white rice for about the same price. So you get a bangin' dinner for less than 10 including tip. Sad part was, my friend ordered extra spicy curry, but they forgot or something, so he just got the regular stuff. Just another reason to learn Chinese. Oooo, also I thought of a great idea. Shanghai Kitchen should make a pulley that goes to my window so I can get TEENY TINY FRIED BUNS whenever!!!!!!!!

So in conclusion, if you car randomly starts to wobble and turn to the left for no reason...check you tires. You probably should get new ones. And most importantly, if you never had fried tiny buns, go fucking get some right now.

haha, I'm also pretty sure some lady was giving some Chinese foot massages in the back of this store....with her mouth lol